Apr 5

Registration for NSF Slow Pitch Tournament of Champions/North American Championships

Below is the online tournament entry for the 2017 NSF-MSF Slow Pitch Tournament of Champions/North American Championships. Teams may enter this tournament directly without being from an MSF-registered league, provided they enter the correct class. Teams that play in NSF-MSF registered leagues must also play their corresponding NSF-MSF State Tournament, unless they have a conflict and are granted special dispensation.


Tournament Flyer/
General Info Letter and Entry Form
Fillable National Tournament Roster Advance Tournament Packet


Please complete ALL fields below to complete the online tournament entry. IN THE SECOND TEXT FIELD, PLEASE INCLUDE MANAGER NAME, EMAIL AND STREET ADDRESS, INCLUDING CITY, STATE AND ZIP CODE (there will be enough space). If you would instead prefer to register by mailing in a paper version of the entry form, you can download the paper application here: https://msf1.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/NSF_SP_Championships_2017_Flier-and-Letter.pdf.

All teams entering national tournament play should print and review the online advance tournament packet 30 days prior to the national tournament event. The packet can be printed here: https://msf1.org/?p=12561.

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