May 21

Registered Invitational Tournaments

Register your tournament MSF today!

All tournaments listed in the schedule have applied for and been granted MSF sanction.

All teams which participate in these tournaments must be registered with the MSF.

All tournaments will be posted as they are registered with MSF offices. To ascertain if a tournament which does not appear in this schedule has been sanctioned, please contact MSF offices.
All registered tournaments must display the sanction sticker on the top of their tournament bracket board. Teams are responsible for checking to see that the sanction sticker is properly displayed prior to commencing play.

All teams which participate in an MSF registered tournament must turn in a roster to the tournament director prior to commencing play.
All teams which participate in an MSF registered invitational tournament must present their team membership card upon check-in.
For the rules and regulations which govern registered tournament play, please consult the current MSF registered tournament brochure.


Schedule Key:
Division Codes
18GF – 18-Under Girls’ Fastpitch
16GF – 16-Under Girls’ Fastpitch
14GF – 14-Under Girls’ Fastpitch
12GF – 12-Under Girls’ Fastpitch
10GF – 10-Under Girls’ Fastpitch

Tournament Codes
DIV – Divisions Offered
GG – Games Guaranteed
RR – Round Robin
SE – Single Elimination
SEC – Single Elimination/Consolation
DE – Double Elimination
DEC – Double Elimination/Consolation
BDR – Bracket Determined/Record
PP/MB1-Pool Play into Multiple Bracket
Single Elimination
The Bracket a team plays in is determined by their record in their first two games
(2-0 in class A, 1-1 in class B and 0-2 in class C).

General Registered Invitational Tournament Rules

Unless a tournament has been filled, tournament directors may not deny entrance to member teams in good standing. (Exception: Teams which have displayed a lack of or poor sportsmanship in previous tournament may be denied entrance.)

Once an invitational tournament has been submitted the tournament classifications accepted may not be altered without unanimous consent of participating teams and final approval is obtained from MSF offices.

It is permissible to offer more than one tournament classification in each division of play offered.

Expense allowance is not permitted in youth tournaments.

Alcohol is not permitted at youth tournaments.

Schedule of Events

Please take a moment and view the Schedule of Events. A reminder the Girls Fastpitch Guide will be available from your league director after April 15.

Date Tournament Age/Class/Division Cost Tournament Director
 June 4-5 Stars & Strikes, Winona 12-14-16/ABC/GFP  $300 Scott Halverson