The Minnesota Sports Federation (MSF) is a non-profit, non-tax supported organization which solely conducts recreational-amateur sports activities in the state of Minnesota. Members of the Federation receive many valuable services which enable them to enjoy recreational-amateur sports to their fullest extent.

The MSF mission is to provide wholesome community-based amateur-recreational sports opportunities that promote fun, fitness, personal growth, good sports and the development of lifetime leisure skills.

Since 1982, the Sports Federation has become a major organizational force in planning and executing amateur sports events for over 200,000 youth and adults in Minnesota.

To implement and conduct a program of this magnitude, the MSF relies on individuals who dedicate many hours of their time to the benefit of recreational sports enthusiasts throughout the state of Minnesota.

The MSF is governed by its Board of Directors which is comprised of players, coaches, program administrators and officials active in the sports community.

Through the union of all eligible leagues, organizations, groups and affiliations with organizations devoted wholly or partially to the promotion of recreational sports, the MSF hopes to expand programs and services in the future.

The MSF is committed to serving amateur sports enthusiasts in an effort to enhance the quality of life for all Minnesotans regardless of age, gender, race, economic status or handicap.