Mar 15

2020 Registration Procedures


All umpires who officiate league or tournament games which are registered or sanctioned be the MSF must be registered with the NSF/MSF and be in regulation NSF/MSF uniform.


Effective in 2017, an online, open-book written test will be required in odd-numbered years, with clinic attendance required in even-numbered years. All umpires who wish to register in 2020 must register online or via US Mail and attend the online clinic, available on YouTube at Please include the registration code, which can be found at some point in the video, to confirm your viewing of the clinic.

Membership fee is $55.00. Umpires who have MSHSL or NASO insurance are eligible for a $10 discount when they provide proof of same to MSF offices when they register online via email or U.S. Postal Mail. Umpires who pay the registration fee after May 1 will be assessed a $5.00 late fee. If you are a new umpire and would like your rulebook mailed after you pay the registration fee and before you take the online, open-book test in odd-numbered years, please put that in the comments section of the registration form, or email AFTER you have registered with a request for your rulebook early.

Rule changes are only made in even-numbered years.

To register online click here. After you have registered and paid the fee, you will be able to take the test immediately or come back to it at a later date (in odd-numbered years).

Thank you for your past and continuing support of NSF-MSF Softball and the important role you play in helping to make sports safe and enjoyable for all!