Mar 19

2021 Hutchinson YVB & Womens Tournament **LIVE RESULTS**


View LIVE tournament results from Hutchinson and cheer on your team!
MSF is proud to announce the launch of our new LIVE tournament results platform! With COVID still a concern for our players, coaches, and fans (as well as abiding by State Covid Guidelines), MSF saw a need for a new method of reporting results. Our solution was to create an online portal that allows you to follow along whether you are at the event or cheering from home. The solution also allows our Tournament Directors to stay safe while reporting updates as they come in. We are quite proud of our team and their dedication to help make your event safe as well as fun. Thank you for your continued support and good luck to all teams!

How does it work?
All divisions are listed below, and you can view the corresponding information by clicking on those links. This information includes current times, court assignments, scores and standings. The information is updated at the event by the Tournament Directors and will automatically refresh. You may want to refresh your page to ensure you are current if you have left the window open for a period of time.

Schedule & Brackets
Each division has a Pool Play schedule, as well as brackets for that division. The document will be a three or four-page document that you can scroll down to view all information. Scores for Pool Play can be found in the corresponding Pool Play link. Scores and positions for Bracket Play will be found in the Bracket sections for each division.

Pool Play
The Pool Play link will contain the scores for each team in the division, during Pool Play. Once Pool Play has been completed, please use the Schedule & Bracket link (and view the bracket pages) to resume current standings, times, court assignments and scores.


**Links will be updated LIVE when gameplay begins**
Click on the links below to view the current post

11U Schedule & Bracket
11U Pool Play (click on the 11U Tab to view 11U Pool Play Info)

12U Schedule & Bracket
12U Pool Play (click on the 12U Tab to view 12U Pool Play Info)

13U Schedule & Bracket
13U Pool Play (click on the 13U Tab to view 13U Pool Play Info)

14U Schedule & Bracket
14U Pool Play (click on the 14U Tab to view 14U Pool Play Info)

15U Schedule & Bracket
15U Pool Play (click on the 15U Tab to view 15U Pool Play Info)

16U Schedule & Bracket
16U Pool Play (click on the 16U Tab to view 16U Pool Play Info)

17/18U Schedule & Bracket
17/18U Pool Play (click on the 17/18U Tab to view 17/18U Pool Play Info)

Women’s Schedule & Bracket
Women’s Pool Play (click on the Women’s Tab to view Women’s Pool Play Info)