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2023 Umpire Exam

2023 Umpire Exam


2023 MSF Umpire Exam


Umpire Exam 2023

This exam is based on the rules/definitions found in the NSF/MSF Softball Rulebook, 4th Edition.

Select the most correct answer. Read the question, and all selections carefully and completely.

If abbreviations or acronyms are used in this exam, F = fielder, B = batter and R = runner.  FP is for fastpitch; MP refers to Modified

The following questions may be applicable for Slowpitch, Fastpitch, and Modified Pitch.
If the rules differ for the three, the first set of questions default to Slowpitch rules.

If you fail to receive a passing score on this test you must retake it by going to the right–hand side of the MSF Umpires page on www.msf1.org and click on 2023 Umpire Exam and take a new random one.

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The proper signal for an illegal pitch is:

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For MP, Which of the following is true for a legal delivery:

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Caps, visors, scarves, and headbands are optional and not considered part of the player's uniform.  They may be any color or style and can be worn forward or backward. 

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The umpire’s jurisdiction begins when:

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In youth FP, a batting helmet shall be worn by offensive personnel while:

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If an eye/face shield mask or helmet is used in the infield, it can be reflective, as long as it has less than 70% tint.

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A runner must return to the last base legally occupied, when

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Bases are loaded with two outs. Batter hits a fly ball that lands in left-center field. Runner tries to score from first base. Which of the following timing play statements are applied correctly?

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The correct pitching distance for Men’s or Women’s Adult slowpitch is:

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A Runner is obstructed by a defensive player and then remaining on their feet maliciously crashes into a defensive player

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A Runner is at second base. Batter hits a ground ball to an infielder who throws to first base. Batter-runner touches only the white portion and collides with Fielder who is standing on the white portion about to receive the ball. The correct ruling is:

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The pitcher shall release the ball within 5 seconds of either receiving the ball or the umpire saying Play Ball, or it is considered an illegal pitch.

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The batter hits a high fly ball down the line to right field. Fielder, with both feet clearly in fair territory, reaches across the foul line in an attempt to catch the ball. While the ball is still in the air, completely over foul ground, the ball deflects off of Fielder’s glove and lands in fair territory. The correct call is:

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A runner is struck with a fair batted ball they were unable to avoid, after the ball was deflected by a defensive player

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In FP, 2 complete revolutions of the arm are allowed for a legal pitch.

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A runner must always slide to avoid contact at home plate.

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An interpretation of an umpires call may be requested by the manager of either team playing.

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Concussion training is required for all umpires who umpire games in which players are < 21.

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Batter hits a ground ball to the infield. Two fielders attempt to make a play on the ball and collide, with one of them collapsing with an apparent serious injury. The umpire should: 

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A runner is struck with a fair batted ball they attempted to avoid while touching a base,

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Any player showing signs, symptoms, or behaviors consistent with a concussion (such as loss of consciousness, headache, dizziness, confusion, or balance problems) shall be immediately removed from the game and shall not return to play until cleared by the umpire.

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In the top half of the third inning with two outs, it is discovered that the pitcher's plate is set at the wrong distance. 

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The pitcher may deliver a pitch from the glove, as long as it is a continuous forward motion.

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A base runner establishes their own base path if they are not being played upon.

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When a coach makes a substitution during a game, the home plate umpire should report the substitution to:

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There is a play at 1st Base on a fair batted ball. The batter-runner beats the throw by 2 steps and touches only the white portion of the double-base. The defensive player controls the ball and touches the white portion of the base.

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In Slowpitch, On a fair batted ball hit over the outfield fence without being touched, the batter

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A runner, while not in contact with a base, is struck with a fair untouched batted ball that a fielder could have made a play on. An OUT is called.

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In FP, a No Pitch is called if the pitcher attempts a quick return of the ball before the batter has taken a position in the batter’s box or if the batter is off-balance.

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A substitute may enter the game without reporting, as long as they are properly listed on the scorecard.

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The entire pitched ball must pass completely through the strike zone to be considered a strike.

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If there are 2 or more umpires on a game, the Home Plate umpire is responsible for which of these:

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If a coach or other player physically assists a runner during play, the result is:

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Which situation is not a possible appeal play?

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If an illegal pitch is called and the batter doesn’t swing:

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A fair batted ball rolls or bounces through a hole in the outfield fence. The umpire should:

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For FP and MP, If a pitch touches a batters clothing,

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The batter-runner or runner may touch either the white or colored portion of double 1st base when advancing on a fair ball hit to the outfield when there is no play attempted at first base.

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In slowpitch, 1 pitch must be thrown before the batter can be awarded an intentional walk by the defense.

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The batter’s box is 4’6” wide by 6’6” long.

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Each team may use only 1 courtesy runner per ½ inning.

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Players found to be using altered, illegal, or banned bats will be:

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Runner is caught in a rundown between second and third base. As Runner is attempting to return to second base, he/she is obstructed by Fielder and subsequently tagged while off the base by another Fielder. What does the umpire call?:

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A slide is illegal if:

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In FP, Which of the following would be an illegal pitch?

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In FP, an intentional walk requires all pitches to be delivered to the batter.

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In NSF-MSF Postseason Tournament Play, players may be added to the scorecard/lineup after the first pitch is thrown.

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Players from either team may warm up in the opposing team’s on-deck circle.

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A runner is not required to run in a direct path to a base if a fielder in the direct line does not have the ball and is not attempting to make a play on the runner.

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The defense or batter-runner may NOT use either color of a double 1st base when:

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If a runner dislodges a base while sliding, they are required to follow the base and remain in contact with it, to avoid being tagged out.

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A team may use the DP / Flex option provided they follow which of the below rules?  

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An umpire’s decision involving judgement may be questioned by the manager of the home team.

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If the ball becomes Blocked due to offensive equipment not involved in the game, the ball is dead and all runners are awarded one base from the last base touched prior to the ball being blocked.

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If the catcher accidentally bumps the batter's bat as they are swinging at a pitch, and the batted ball subsequently is a ground ball to the infield:

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The batter is called out, if any coach or member of the offensive team, except a runner, interferes with a fielder attempting to catch a fly ball in foul territory.

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If a fair batted ball strikes an umpire before passing a fielder other than pitcher:

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At the time of the pitch, all defensive players must be in fair territory.

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A runner starts at 1st base and overruns second base on a hit by the batter-runner. In the ensuing rundown, both runners end up on second base. A fielder tags both runners with the ball. The correct ruling is:

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Which statements about bats are correct?

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In FP, If a ball slips from the pitcher's hand during the delivery, it is:

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The score for a forfeited game, with play never started, is recorded as:

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If  runner1 passes  another preceding runner2 who has not been obstructed or put out:

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If an fielder intentionally catches a fair batted ball just past the infield, with their cap or detached glove:

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The umpire signals that play is ready, and the pitcher has the ball in position to pitch, the batter

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In which of the following situations is the batter out?

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Which of the following are NOT appealable plays?

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Which of the following situations would not result in the batter being called out? 

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If a runner runs in front of a fielder or outside a base path to avoid interfering with an infielder making an initial play on a batted ball,

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A verbal or physical act by an offensive player to hinder or confuse a defensive player is:

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A run is scored when a runner legally advances and touches 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and home plate, EXCEPT, if during that action:

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If a batter hits a pitched ball with an altered bat, it is considered an “illegally batted ball”.

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Concussion symptoms typically include:

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Appeals must be made:

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The pitcher's plate is how wide?

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