Sep 1

General Information

The MSF State Championships have grown steadily each year over the past decade, hosting more than 200 teams last season in twelve divisions of play. Hundreds of teams also compete at MSF Qualifier Tournaments each summer with hopes of advancing to the state tournament. This significant growth can be attributed to the quality facilities, umpires and tournament staff utilized by the MSF. We offer Class AAA and AA for 10 through 15-under divisions. Class A teams are encouraged to register for Class AA, where teams are broken into AA, A, and Consolation brackets following pool play.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an MSF-owned and operated event need to be postponed to a later date (within 90 days of the original dates), there shall be no refund to teams that cannot play on the rescheduled date.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an event have to be cancelled entirely, teams will receive a credit on the following year’s entry fee for the same event. The amount of the credit will be the original entry fee minus administrative/programming work already performed (i.e., salaries/independent contractors, website, program guides, rulebooks, promotion, flyers, postage, scheduling, rent, telephone, etc.).

Once a tournament has begun and a cancellation occurs (and the tournament cannot be rescheduled to be held within 90 days of the original tournament dates), no monetary credits will be provided to teams that did not receive the minimum number of games guaranteed unless money has been returned from the site in the form of unpaid umpire/referee fees, unused game equipment, and awards. The amount credited shall be distributed equally to teams that did not get their minimum game guarantee.

In addition to tournament opportunities, as a service to youth baseball enthusiasts the MSF compiles a list of tournaments held throughout Minnesota (and possibly other states). The MSF’s Tournament Calendar service lists dates, sites, contacts, phone numbers and other pertinent tournament information.

If questions arise, or to receive a MSF Youth Baseball Guidebook, please contact the Minnesota Sports Federation.