Oct 6

Touch Football State Tournament

2016 MSF Touch Football State Tournament

State Tournament Date Site Tournament Packet Schedule
 Touch Football October 14-15  Dred Scott Playfields


2015 MSF Touch Football State Tournament

State Tournament Date Site Tournament Packet Schedule
Touch Football October 10 Dred Scott Playfields Tournament Packet

Tournament Entries

The number of state tournament entries a sports community receives in each class of play is determined by the number of teams that are registered by that sports community in each specific class.

Entry Deadlines
Deadline for submitting state tournament entries is October 5.

Tournament entries received after these dates (if accepted) include a $10.00 per tournament entry late penalty.

Sports community directors will receive written notice no later than September 25 regarding the number of tournament entries their sports community has been awarded. A tournament entry form will accompany the written notice.

To reserve positions in state tournaments the sports community director must complete and return the tournament entry form along with payment or purchase order number prior to October 5. Once a tournament entry fee has been submitted and a tournament position reserved, there is no refund.

Entry Fee

Tournament Structure
Round robin/pool play, single elimination/consolation or double elimination depending on the number of teams entered. Two games guaranteed. A majority of teams will play three games.

The top four seeds in Class A state tournament play shall be:
Seed #1) Defending State Champion (must have 5 or more returning players)
Seed #2) Highest Bloomington League finisher not already qualified via another method.
Seed #3) Second highest finisher in previous years state tournament. (must have 5 or more returning players)
Seed #4) Third highest finisher in previous years state tournament. (must have 5 or more returning players)
Seed #5) Remainder of seeds are based upon a team’s finish in previous years state tournament (provided the team has 5 or more returning players).Note: If position c or d is already filled due to a duplicate team with a or b, the position(s) shall revert to the next highest finisher(s) in the previous years state tournament.

The Class A tournament structure shall divide teams into red and black bracket halves if eight or more teams.

Red = Defending State Champion, Qualifier Champion
Black = Highest Bloomington finisher, etc., Second highest finisher in previous years state tournament

Team trophies to the first, second and third place finishers and individual awards to first and second place. Banner to championship team. NOTE: In tournaments of seven teams or less, a third place trophy will not be awarded.

Invitational Tournaments
Organizations sponsoring invitational tournaments may advertise their event through the Federation free of charge. The tournament will be included on the “MSF Tournament Hot Line” and listed in the MSF “Minnesota Amateur Sports Review” web site. To advertise your event, return the information form which is included with the pre-season league membership mailing. Additional information forms are available upon request from MSF offices.

Game Officials
All officials who officiate MSF touch football state tournaments must attend the annual Sports Federation clinic for state tournament officials. The date and time will be announced and the clinic will be held the week of state tournament play. To be eligible to officiate MSF state tournaments please contact Sports Federation offices.

It is highly recommended that all member leagues conduct a local clinic for their game officials. The MSF State Rules Interpreter is available to provide this service. The clinician fee is $65.00 plus mileage at the rate of $.40. Please contact Federation offices if you desire this beneficial service.

Hilton Garden Inn – 952-831-1012
“MSF Touch Football State Tournament Rates”
King rooms – $87 + tax per night
Two Queen bed rooms – $104 + tax per night