Sep 22

Team Membership

To receive the services listed below and be eligible to send a representative(s) to MSF post-season tournament play, all of the teams in the league must be members. For example, if a league has eight teams, all eight teams must be MSF members to receive the membership services listed below.

How To Administer An MSF League

The registration and administration of MSF touch football league is very simple. Follow the below step by step process:

  • Complete the team membership form and forward with MSF per team membership fee to MSF state offices by September 15.
    • MSF Touch Football Team Membership
    • $15.00 per team on or before September 15
    • $18.00 per team if postmarked after September 15
  • MSF will award your league post season berths no later than September 25. The awarding form and fees must be in MSF offices by October 5.
  • Forward all teams regular season rosters (yellow copy of three part roster provided by MSF) to MSF offices by October 5.
  • Distribute post season tournament packets (draw, rules, map, etc) and the championship roster (white copy of the three part roster) to the teams advancing from your league with the team number designated.

Membership Benefits


  1. Official Rule Book
  2. MSF Touch Football Guide
  3. Access to web site which features results, schedules and program summaries.

Uniform Eligibility and Classification Rules

All MSF member teams are governed by a uniform set of eligibility and classification rules which are designed to promote fair play and equalized competition.

Uniform Playing Rules
All MSF member teams compete under the official touch football rules as adopted by the Minnesota Sports Federation. Member teams are encouraged to contribute to the development of the game by suggesting rule changes to their local sports director.

Championship Competition
The MSF conducts state tournaments in four different levels and divisions of play. Teams are eligible (through their registered league) to compete in qualifying and post-season tournaments.

Settlement of Protests
If your league so desires, the State Rules Interpreter will serve as your league’s rule interpreter.

Technical Assistance
Members of the MSF staff are available to provide expertise in the development of by-laws, league and tournament schedules and general assistance.

Qualified Officials
The MSF is continually striving to improve the understanding and quality of officiating. MSF officials are encouraged to attend an annual rule interpretation clinic. Players are also encouraged to attend a rule interpretation clinic.

MSF is a Clearinghouse
The MSF is affiliated with other state and national organizations which promote amateur/recreational sports.

Annual Meeting
Option to attend the MSF Annual District Meeting.

Voice in Your Program
Voting representation on the MSF Board of Directors.

Promotion of Amateur Sports
By joining the MSF, your league is helping improve and promote the game of touch football. The MSF is instrumental in the promotion and development of the sport. The MSF promotes the sport in your community and works for better facilities and league programs.