Sep 5

Tom Connolly – Rochester

Tom Connolly – Rochester


Tom Connolly is considered throughout southern Minnesota as one of the finest third basemen ever to take the field. He began his career in 1932 with the Seven-Up team in Rochester and later played on most of the better teams in southern Minnesota. Among them were the Rochester Elks, Brown Derby, Boutelle & Sons, Normandy Bar, Eagles Lounge, and the North Star Bar.

Connolly and his teams played in more than 20 Minnesota State Tournaments during his career.

Tom retired from playing in 1968 after 36 years of softball. He was 53 at the time and continued to play at the classic league level for years after that.

Many fans and players who have observed the state tournament throughout the years mention Tom Connolly. His tremendous hitting ability and intensity for playing the game made him one of the finest in Minnesota.