Jul 17

2021 Youth Baseball State Tournament Schedules and Reminders for Players, Parents, and Coaches

Nearly 200 youth baseball teams will take the field July 23-25 vying for a state tournament title in one of 12 different divisions of play while honing their baseball skills. For a complete list of the state tournament schedules, please click HERE.

Coaches: With hot and humid conditions anticipated, it will be critical that your players are well hydrated before and during play, and finding a cool non sunny place between games very important, too.

Remember to check in at the tournament’s main site with your signed tournament roster and $150 gate fee. At this time you will be given a souvenir bag tag for each player participating in the tournament. Make sure you have your age verification documents in your possession at all times!

Keep in mind once the tournament is underway, the tournament schedule posted at the main tournament headquarters site is the only official schedule. There will be an on line tournament scoreboard on the MSF Baseball web page which we will endeavor to update every couple rounds of games. Make sure you check the official tournament schedule posted at the site before and after you play paying particular attention to the results (scores) of all of your games in case a tiebreaker (posted at the tournament site) is needed.

Be sure to pay close attention to the bracket board to determine where your team is advancing or if they are eliminated after pool play. If you notice any discrepancies, please contact tournament staff immediately!

Thanks to all the coaches, players, parents, and fans for participating in the MSF Youth Sports Program for The Fun of It!