Apr 2

2024 Umpire Membership NOW OPEN! (Registration Procedures)

Please read these entire registration instructions, before you apply for 2024 Umpire Membership. There will be no in-person umpire clinics again this year. We do have a 24-7 available YouTube clinic and Zoom meeting/clinic scheduled for 6:30 pm on Wednesday, April 17.  The links for both meetings are located in the right-hand sidebar of the umpire page. You do not need any special credentials to attend and either clinic meets the membership requirement and both will give you the clinic attendance credit code to put on your membership application. Please watch the YouTube clinic or attend the Zoom meeting/clinic before you complete the membership application, so you can put the clinic attendance code credit on your membership form. An umpire exam that you score 70% or better on must be completed prior to being officially registered, as well, before you receive the umpire membership benefits you are entitled to (including insurance).

As in the past, the NSF-MSF continues to provide umpire membership at the lowest possible cost. We also provide you the most “bang for your buck” when it comes to membership materials and the clinics/umpire exam provided.

When viewing the right-hand sidebar of the Umpires page, you will find a link to the 2024 Umpire Equipment Brochure and order form. Again, this season the NSF-MSF will provide high-quality, attractive umpire uniforms at the lowest possible cost.

Please complete the following in this order, to complete your official registration and obtain the memberships provided:

  1. Watch the YouTube clinic or attend the Zoom meeting/clinic and write down the clinic attendance code provided. If you have a game or two before the Zoom meeting/clinic and want to attend that one, because it is interactive and the meeting you want to attend, don’t worry about it, your insurance will still apply. Links to the clinics are in the right-hand sidebar.
  2. Take the Umpire Exam, located in the right-hand sidebar, and score 70% or better. You will be notified of your score immediately upon completion via email. Some of the questions (very few) may only pertain to fast or modified pitch, but that’s OK. You can look up the answers because it is an open-book test. If you have lost last year’s book, or are a new official and need a book to take the test, email perry@msf1.org and we will send you one in advance of your complete packet of membership materials. If you score less than 70%, you must retake the test and you may receive a new random one by clicking on the umpire test link on the right again.
    (NOTE: If you don’t have access to a computer to take the exam, please call Perry at 651-451-3140 (2pm-6pm) and leave your name, address and request for a paper umpire test, which will be scored and returned to you after you return it. If you did not attain a passing score, you will also find a new test enclosed to complete and return.)
  3. Pay the $55.00 Umpire Membership fee by clicking on the link below.
    (NOTE: You may also postal mail in your membership application with check or money order, if you prefer not to register online. Just make sure you have attended a clinic and taken the umpire exam before you do.)
    *Note: All credit card purchases incur an additional $5.00 credit card processing fee.

All of the information found online has been postal mailed to you, for your convenience and to avoid having to use your own paper and ink.

As always, we encourage you to recruit a new umpire each year and for your support of NSF-MSF programs. If questions arise, do not hesitate to call or write. Thank you!