May 29

2018 Adult Softball Postseason Schedule, Current Packets and Brackets

2018 State Tournaments

 State Tournament
Tournament Packet
 B Men’s Fastpitch  August 3-5  Blaine  Aquatore Park Packet SCHEDULE
 D Men’s Fastpitch  August 3-5  Blaine  Aquatore Park Packet SCHEDULE
 Church Slow Pitch  August 4  Cambridge  Sandquist Family Park Packet
 Men’s Masters (35) Slow  August 4-5  Cambridge  Sandquist Family Park Packet SCHEDULE
 C/D Co-Rec
Slow Pitch
 August 4-5  Cambridge  Sandquist Family Park Packet
 C Men’s Fast Pitch  August 10-12  North Mankato  Caswell Park Packet SCHEDULE
 Women’s Slow Pitch  August 11-12  Sauk Rapids  Bob Cross Park Packet REVISED SCHEDULE
 D/E Men’s Slow – West  August 11-12  Detroit Lakes  Snappy Park Packet SCHEDULE
 E Men’s Slow – East  August 11-12  Stacy  Doyle Fields Packet SCHEDULE
 Modified Pitch  August 24-26  Hollywood  Hollywood Sports  Complex Packet

*Note: Class EE & E Men’s Slowpitch have been combined.

2018 Tournament of Champions/North American Championships

Tournament Information
 C/DD Men’s Slowpitch State August 24-26 Cambridge Packet
 D/E Men’s Slowpitch August 24-26 Cambridge Packet
 C/DD, D, E, Women’s Slow Pitch August 24-26 Cambridge Packet

2018 Fall State Tournaments

  Fall State Tournament
Tournament Packet
 Co-Rec Slow Pitch  September 22-23  Sauk Rapids  Bob Cross Park Packet
 Men’s Slow Pitch  September 29-30  Sauk Rapids  Bob Cross Park Packet