May 4

Men’s Fastpitch Pitcher Classification List

All fastpitch pitchers must be classified for 2013 and beyond and may not pitch in a level below their classification unless special dispensation is granted by the state fastpitch committee.

All fastpitch pitchers must appear on the Men’s Fastpitch Pitcher Classification List to pitch in MSF Registered Tournaments and Postseason Tournament competition. Leagues may also adopt use of the list.

Pitcher do no need to reapply for classification each year unless their has been a change in their pitching ability. The Minnesota Fastpitch Committee reserves the right to reclassify a pitcher at any time.

If you are a fastpitch pitcher and your name does not appear on the list below, complete and return the FASTPITCH PITCHER CLASSIFICATION FORM.

 Pitcher  Sports Community Classification
 Agard, Nate  St. Paul C
 Albers, Randy  Freeport C
 Altermatt, Mike  St. Paul C
 Anderson, Bob  St. Paul D
 Anderson, Britta  Harris D
 Anderson, Dan  Harris D
 Anderson, Eric  Mankato C
 Anderson, Nick  St. Paul C
 Atkinson, Travis  Freeport D
 Austing, Zach  Freeport D
 Baatz, Darlo  St. Paul D
 Ball, Dan  West St. Paul C
 Bartels, Adam  High Island D
 Bartels, Jim  High Island D
 Beaver, Rich  Lindstrom D
 Bennett, Brian  Border League C
 Bergland, Jeff  Hollywood C
 Betzold, Daren  St. Paul C
 Boelke, Edwin  Hollywood D
 Bonestroo, Bruce  Border League C
 Boom, Chad  Border League B
 Boote, Lance  Border League C
Bottolfson, Josh St. Paul C
 Bouley, Tyler  St. Paul C
 Bouman, Todd  Buffalo Ridge B
 Bouman, Troy  Buffalo Ridge C
 Bouman, Shane  Buffalo Ridge B
 Bounty, Jason  Freeport C
 Bueckers, Dusty  Freeport D
 Burns, Kelli  St. Paul D
 Bush, Tyler  Border League C
 Bushman, Jamie  St. Charles C
 Bussler, Nathan  High Island D
 Carpentier, Dale  St. Paul C
 Casperson, Kent  St. Paul B
 Cleveland, Kelley  Two Harbors D
 Cleveringa, Nick  Border League D
 Connor, Buzz  St. Paul D
 Converse, Andy  Hollywood D
 Cooley, Joel  West St. Paul B
 Dahlberg, Aaron  High Island D
 Davis, Justin  Odin B
 Dhaene, Matt  High Island D
 Denneker, Jake  Freeport C
 Dziengel, Andy  Freeport C
 Dziengel, Dave  Freeport B
 Elness, Drew  Freeport C
 Eickhoff, Tyler  St. Charles D
 Eli, Maggie  Freeport D
 Elness, Terry  Freeport C
 Emerson, Scott  St. Paul B
 Erickson, Tyler  Dawson C
 Fairbanks, Todd  Harris D
 Feist, Justin  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Fiekema, Derek  Border League D
 Fink, Mike  West St. Paul B
 Finke, Adam  Border League D
 Folkens, Travis  Border League C
 Fransman, Harley  Border League D
 Frericks, Jerry  Freeport D
 Froderman, Mike  Odin B
 Gable, Luke  Dillworth C
 Gable, Matt  Dillworth B
 Ganther, Joe  St. Paul B
 Gardner, Nick  High Island D
 Goslee, Kyle  Dawson C
 Grack, Greg  High Island C
 Grossel, Mitch  Jonny’s C
 Halbersma, Brent  High Island C
 Hanson, Cullen  Cushing, WI B
 Hanson, Kenny  St. Paul D
 Harms, Jeremy  Freeport D
 Harstad, Dan  St. Charles C
 Harten, Bruce  High Island D
 Hartman, James  St. Charles B
 Heers, David  High Island D
 Heers, Paul  High Island C
 Heidgerken, Bud  Freeport D
 Heidgerken, Gary  Freeport D
 Heller, Luane  Odin B
 Hennen, Joe  Freeport C
 Hinnenkamp, Nick  Freeport D
 Holm, Jace  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Hoogeveen, Jeff  Border League C
 Hoeppner, Rachel  Rosemount D
 Hudson, Matt  High Island C
 Huisman, Adam  Border League C
 Huisman, Matt  Border League C
 Huisman, Wade  Border League C
 Hunhoff, BJ  Sioux Falls B
 Issacson, Chris  Hollywood C
 Issacson, Greg  Hollywood C
 Iuli, Jason  Ostrander B
 Jacobson, Harlan  St. Charles D
 Jager, Justin  Freeport C
 Jamieson, Michael  Ostrander B
 Jensen, Erik  High Island D
 Johnson, Conn  Rice Lake, WI C
 Johnson, Matt  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Johnson, Steve  St. Paul D
 Joyce, Bud  Duluth C
 Kaenel, Ron  Freeport C
 Kajada, Kevin  Duluth D
 Kammueller, Kevin  West St. Paul B
 Kelly, Matt  High Island D
 Kendrick, Paul  Hollywood C
 Kiel, B.  Freeport D
 Klabunde, Wade  High Island D
 Klasen, Mick  Freeport D
 Klasen, Mike  Freeport C
 Klasen, Tony  Freeport D
 Klosowski, Brett  Duluth C
 Koopman, Dean  St. Paul C
 Koterba, Kyle  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Krings, Brian  St. Charles D
 Lammers, Greg  Hollywood C
 Lange, Aaron  High Island D
 Lange, Alvaro  St. Charles D
 Lange, Shane  St. Charles C
 Lansing, Josh  High Island D
 Larson, Tyler  Border League D
 LeVesseur, Wally  St. Paul C
 Lewis, Dale  Border League C
 Lewis, Mike  Mankato B
 Linder, Eric  Harris D
 Louwagie, Aaron  Freeport D
 Lund, Chris  Hollywood D
 Mataczynski, Chad  West St. Paul B
 Mensink, Bruce  Ostrander B
 Meshke, Blake  Mankato C
 Meshke, Brent  Lake Crystal B
 Meyers, Dave  Duluth B
 Meyer, Jerome  Freeport D
 Mihal, Scott  St. Charles B
 Mohar, Mark  West St. Paul B
 Morara, Clay  High Island D
 Moon, Dolf  High Island C
 Myeraan, Bruce  Border League C
 Myrlie, Kurtis  Border League C
 Newby, Mike  Hollywood C
 Nichaber, Kyle  Freeport D
 Noren, Corey  St. Paul C
 Norman, Kendall  St. Paul C
 Oehlke, Mike  St. Paul C
 Olson, Terry  St. Charles C
 Peterson, John  Odin B
 Pobanz, Kyle  St. Paul D
 Polreis, Jason  Sioux Falls B
 Potter, Andrew  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Prudhomme, Mike  St. Paul C
 Raedel, Chad  Freeport C
 Ramberg, Brad  Hollywood C
 Rauk, Chad  Border League B
 Rehberger, Jim  St. Paul D
 Reinhart, Erik  St. Paul C
 Reiter, Joel  Freeport C
 Remer, Joe  Hollywood D
 Rennecke, Wayne  High Island D
 Renneker, Jake  Freeport D
 Reps, Adam  St. Charles C
 Ronneke, Connor  High Island D
 Rozeboom, Clint  Border League C
 Sammons, Derek  Border League D
 Samores, Thomas  High Island D
 Sandbulte, David  Border League D
 Sather, Brock  Duluth D
 Scheevel, Ryan  Preston B
 Schmidt, Ed  Stanchfield D
 Schroeder, Josh  Mankato C
 Schroeder, Josh  Lake Crystal C
 Schroeder, Rob  St. Charles C
 Schuhwerck, Tim  St. Paul B
 Schulze, Bart  St. Paul D
 Schulze, Otto  St. Paul D
 Sederberg, Scott  Harris D
 Simonsen, Blair  St. Paul C
 Slaby, Jeff  St. Charles C
 Smith III, Robert C.  St. Paul D
 Solberg, Shannon  Duluth D
 Steele, James  North Branch D
 Stuhr, Matt  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Swanson, Brian  Mankato C
 Tapp, Rob  St. Paul D
 Taylor, Nick  High Island D
 TeBrake, Dave  Freeport D
 Thomas, Doug  High Island D
 Thomas, Ryan  St. Paul D
 Thompson, Braden  Dawson C
 Thompson, Jerry  Dawson C
 Tilstra, Cory  Border League C
 Top, Dave  Border League C
 Troska, Craig  High Island C
 Tschida, John  West St. Paul C
 Tschida, Mike  West St. Paul C
Turner, Tim Hollywood D
 Van Beck, Willis  Freeport D
 Vanderbosch, E.J.  St. Paul C
 Van Eshen, Tristin  High Island D
 VantHof, Kent  Border League D
 Verhey, Dustin  Border League D
 Viesman, Nate  Freeport C
 Voight, Jesse  Harris D
Wabbe, Tim Hollywood C
 Waldvogel, Brian  St. Paul C
 Walker, Randy  St. Paul C
 Walters, Bruce  Mankato D
 Washenberger, Brandon  St. Paul D
 Washenberger, Chad  St. Paul B
 Webster, Dalton  High Island D
 Weldon, Lewis  West St. Paul B
 Westerberg, Joel  St. Paul C
 Westerberg, Mike  St. Paul D
 Westley, Troy  Ostrander B
 Westphal, Spencer  High Island D
 Willis, Jena  High Island D
 Wold, Grady  Fargo/Moorhead B
 Yttreness, Jason  Sioux Falls B
 Zapf, James  St. Paul C


UPDATED: October 11, 2018