Jan 1

General Information

“HOOP IT UP” for the MSF Adult Basketball Season!

Since 1982, the Minnesota Sports Federation has conducted an adult basketball post season tournament program second to none, in terms of both cost and quality.

Teams qualify for MSF State Championship play by virtue of their participation and success in league play or as independent tournament teams.

State tournament teams are guaranteed two games (most get three or more total), and from pool play with the top teams advancing to a single elimination championship series. Awards, facilities and officiating are always of the highest caliber.

Because the MSF is the largest and fastest growing amateur sports organization in Minnesota, we are able to offer several advantages over other organizations.

Points of emphasis:

  • Despite some adjustments for inflationary costs, the MSF still provides the lowest tournament entry and membership fees available, especially considering the number of games guaranteed.
  • Prestigious and attractive tournament awards. Individual awards to state champions and finalists.
  • Top notch playing facilities (see tournament schedule).
  • Experienced tournament personnel and quality game officiating.
  • Membership in an organization which provides voting and board membership rights to the independent league director/team manager, as well as the leisure professional.
  • Unlike other organizations, all fees which are collected are used solely to provide amateur/recreational sports programs. This enables the Sports Federation to provide the greatest service at the lowest possible cost.

By comparing our tournament formats, number of games guaranteed and entry fees with other organizations, you will see the Sports Federation provides teams more games at a lower cost. This is possible because all fees collected go directly back into amateur sports programs.

The above advantages are just a small sampling of the membership benefits which make the MSF the premier sports organization in the state of Minnesota.

A reminder that the MSF invites your attendance and input at all directors’ meetings. MSF Board Meetings are in December, January and May. Please call MSF offices for the site and time if you are interested in attending.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an MSF-owned and operated event need to be postponed to a later date (within 90 days of the original dates), there shall be no refund to teams that cannot play on the rescheduled date.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an event have to be cancelled entirely, teams will receive a credit on the following year’s entry fee for the same event. The amount of the credit will be the original entry fee minus administrative/programming work already performed (i.e., salaries/independent contractors, website, program guides, rulebooks, promotion, flyers, postage, scheduling, rent, telephone, etc.).

Once a tournament has begun and a cancellation occurs (and the tournament cannot be rescheduled to be held within 90 days of the original tournament dates), no monetary credits will be provided to teams that did not receive the minimum number of games guaranteed unless money has been returned from the site in the form of unpaid umpire/referee fees, unused game equipment, and awards. The amount credited shall be distributed equally to teams that did not get their minimum game guarantee.

Please contact us if we can be of assistance. In closing, we are confident that if you compare our fees, tournament formats, awards and services to those offered by other organizations, you will find the Sports Federation’s fees to be lower, our programs to be better and our services to be greater.

Thank you for your past and continuing support. We look forward to serving your community through sports again this year.