May 14

MSF Registered Invitational Adult Tournaments

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MSF softball in Minnesota continues to set the pace with nearly 6,000 member teams and 100 registered tournaments. If you want teams in Minnesota to know about your tournament, it is a necessity to register it with the MSF.

Requirements for MSF Registered Tournaments

Please remember your tournament may not be MSF registered unless all participating teams and umpires are MSF members and the umpires are in regulation MSF uniform. MSF playing rules must also be employed. Tournaments found in noncompliance will have their sanction revoked and privilege to sanction a future tournament rescinded.

Registration Deadline

In order for your tournament to appear in this year’s schedule it must be registered prior to March 10. Having it in the statewide schedule book provides invaluable exposure.

Tournament Directors Liability Insurance

Available is comprehensive tournament insurance that provides medical and liability coverage for all the participants in your tournament. Please request a brochure from MSF offices if you are interested in this more comprehensive coverage.

Liquor Liability (Dramshop) Insurance (Adult Only)

If you are interested in securing Liquor Liability Insurance for your tournament please call MSF Offices for a brochure.

Field Owner Liability Insurance

Owners of fields you are using may request proof of liability insurance. This is available through the MSF. This covers the field owner for the entire season so you may want to propose sharing this cost with other tournaments/leagues using the complex. A field owner brochure may be requested from MSF offices. To obtain the insurance  teams/players are required to complete and sign the standard MSF roster forms which is located in the MSF Softball Guide.

Registered Tournament Discounted Fee Now Available

For private complexes and organizations that sanction six or more tournaments per season, the sanction fee has been reduced to $50.00 per tournament provided only one set of books is requested and all tournament sanction forms arrive together at Sports Federation offices.

Softball Scorecards Available

Official Federation scorecards are once again available. These cards are a must for a smooth running tournament or league. Includes area for umpire to record line-ups, substitutes and home run totals. Eliminates disputes and controversy. Printed on durable card stock. The cost is just $5.00 per package of 50. To order, contact MSF offices.

Tournament Umpires

A reminder that all MSF sanctioned tournaments must utilize MSF registered umpires in official MSF uniform.

Legal Bats

Until such time that the MSF establishes its own bat and ball standards for various levels of postseason and sanctioned invitational play, we will be using the ASA bat standard. As per the norm, local leagues may enact their own standards, but when safety is at issue should lessen the specified standards. For a list of approved and non-approved bats, click here.

Sports Federation Cap, Polo Shirt and T-Shirt Available

An attractive federation cap with the MSF logo embroidered in three colors across the front is available again this year along with a quality tournament staff polo or T-shirt. All these items will promote professionalism among your tournament staff and provide visibility at a very low cost.

Official Game Ball Yellow Synthetic Optic .52 Core/300 Compression Ball for Men’s/Co-Rec 12″ Slowpitch, .44/375 for Women’s/Co-Rec 11″ Slowpitch

Due to serious safety and excessive homerun concerns the .52 COR/300 Compression synthetic (12″ red stitch) or any more restrictive ones will once again be used for MSF post season men’s slowpitch and 12″ co-rec slowpitch. The .44 COR/375 Compression ball will be used for women’s and the 11″ co-rec ball. Use in local league and registered invitational tournament play is optional but highly recommended. Also, with the exception of mens fastpitch, optic yellow, red stitch softballs are now permitted in all divisions of play. Wherever night games are played, the optic yellow ball is a wise choice!

Attention Tournament Directors:

Once again this year all invitational tournaments which are conducted in Minnesota in which MSF member teams compete must be sanctioned with the Minnesota Sports Federation. The MSF provides a tournament sanction package. Invitational tournaments conducted after the completion of MSF post season tournament play must also be sanctioned.

As a director of an invitational tournament, oftentimes your single most important goal is to generate revenue for your cause. The MSF’s main goal is to assure that the participating MSF teams receive an enjoyable recreational experience. These two goals work in harmony with one another. Sponsoring organizations who sanction invitational tournaments agree to abide by the rules and regulations which govern sanctioned invitational tournaments. This system provides a method of quality control and gives softball teams the assurance that tournaments will be conducted in accordance with specific rules which are designated to result in some form of consistency from one tournament to another.

Sponsoring organizations who want their tournaments listed and advertised in the sanctioned invitational tournament schedule must apply for sanctioning prior to March 10.The schedule is sent to all MSF registered teams in the state of Minnesota, all organizations sponsoring invitational tournaments and all sports communities.

Organizations who fail to sanction their tournament in time for inclusion in the Sanctioned Invitational Tournament Schedule must still sanction their tournament and will receive the benefit package.

To further publicize your tournament, the tournament sponsor may again purchase space for full page ads in this year’s schedule. The prices and size requirements of ads are listed below:

Ad Size Dimensions Price Location
Full 8 1/2″ wide x 11″ high $90.00 Softball Gudebook

Note: The above price is for publication of an ad in either the Adult or JO Softball Program Guide. If your ad encompasses both programs and you want it to appear in both guides please so designate and take 30% off the price of each ad.

All ads must be camera ready, on white paper and in black ink, or emailed in a PDF attachment. Ads must accompany the tournament sanction application. Ads containing information not allowed by MSF regulations will be refused or adjusted by MSF Offices. Ads which are not printable/camera ready or the correct size will be returned.

Applications accompanied by the $60.00 sanctioning fee must be sent to MSF offices. Please submit your application as early as possible to allow time for delivery of materials.

MSF personnel will again be visiting tournaments at random to discuss any problems you may be experiencing and assist by answering any questions you may have. Should a problem or question arise during preparation for your tournament please contact your District Commissioner for assistance.

Should it become necessary to cancel or postpone your tournament please notify your District Commissioner no later than the Friday before your tournament. This will prevent an unnecessary trip and assure an efficient operation.

Remember, the most effective publicity for next year’s tournament is a satisfied participant this year. Best wishes for a successful tournament!