Feb 6

General Information

Women’s Slowpitch Sanctioned Tournaments

In an effort to assure that sanctioned invitational tournaments are available for all classifications of women’s slowpitch teams, a handicap system is in place for women’s slowpitch that permits equalized competition among classes similar to the concept of the classification system in place for men’s slowpitch.

Legal Bats and Balls

Until such time that the MSF establishes its own bat and ball standards for various levels of postseason and registered invitational play, we will be using the 52/300 (12″ slowpitch) and either the 52/300 or 44/375 (11″ slowpitch) ball and utilize the bat standards found below. As per the norm, local leagues may enact their own standards, but when safety is at issue should not lessen the specified standards. For a list of approved and non-approved bats, click here.

MSF Board Meeting

MSF Board Meetings are held in January, May and October. The meetings start at 6:30pm and your attendance and input is always welcomed. Contact the MSF office for date and location of the next board meeting.

Registered Tournament Information

Registered tournament information has been mailed to tournament directors. Reminder: the registered tournament deadline for inclusion in the comprehensive statewide schedule is March 10.

Softball Scorecards Available

Official Federation softball scorecards are now available. These cards are a must for a smooth running league or tournament. Includes area for umpire to record line-ups, substitutes and home run totals. Eliminates disputes and controversy. Is printed on durable card stock. The cost is just $5.00 per package of 50. To order, contact the MSF offices.

Synthetic (slowpitch) and Leather(fastpitch) Softballs Available at Reduced Prices

Dudley, Worth and Starr softballs are available at tremendous savings. Both 11 and 12 inch balls are available. Your support of this program and other auxiliary programs offered by the MSF will permit the continuance of low membership fees. To avoid shipping charges you may pick up your softballs at the district meeting provided sufficient notice is given.

MSF Roster

In the past, league directors forwarded the pink (back copy) of the 3-part roster form to Federation offices. Due to the non-legible status of many pink copies, both adult and JO league directors must now forward the yellow copy to MSF offices.

Members Needed to Help Promote

Federation members are asked to help promote the Sports Federation. If you know of a league in your area which is not a Federation member, please refer them to the state office. The continual growth of the Federation will strengthen your organization and help maintain the lowest possible fees.

Dramshop (Liquor Liability) Insurance (Adult Only)

Again this year liquor liability insurance will be available through Sports Federation offices at tremendous savings if placed on a group basis. This type of insurance is a must to those dispensing alcoholic beverages during league or tournament play. A brochure for securing this coverage can be requested from Sports Federation offices.

Umpire Membership

A reminder that all umpires working in your member softball leagues must be registered with MSF Softball.

Umpire registration information will been sent directly to member umpires registered in the previous season the latter part of February/early March. If you have any new umpires please have them contact Federation offices so we can place them on the mailing list. Of special mention are the state umpire schools held on Saturdays and aimed at new umpires or veterans who want to hone their skills.

Roster Requirement

A reminder that all leagues are required to submit regular season rosters for all member teams. This step has been necessitated by irregularities occurring at district/state tournament play. The MSF “universal” three-part roster form is designed to serve as a league, regular season and post season tournament roster. Blank rosters will be distributed at district meetings, as leagues are registered or in advance if requested. Exception: Park and Recreation and Community Education Departments may send a copy of their own regular season roster in place of the MSF universal roster provided it provides legible names and addresses of all players. However, all teams advancing to MSF post-season play must complete and utilize the universal roster.

Softball Classification Petitions

Teams/leagues may not move down without the written permission of the MSF.

Petitions to move down shall be forwarded to MSF offices prior to January 15 of the current year and include team name, sports community, manager’s name, address, and league directors name and address. The petition must also have the league director’s signature indicating their knowledge of, and position on, the petition. The petition form can be found in the Softball Guidebook.

Sports Federation is Service Minded

As a non-profit organization the MSF exists to provide services to its members. If you have a suggestion on how we can do that better, please do not hesitate to call or write.

A Special Note to Coaches, League Directors and Softball Enthusiasts
Last year nearly 6,000 adult softball teams and 1,000 umpires participated in MSF sponsored softball activities and we anticipate continued mass participation this year. MSF softball continues its status as the state’s largest softball organization.

Since the founding of the Minnesota Sports Federation over twenty-five years ago, MSF Softball has saved the state’s softball enthusiasts millions of dollars in participation fees. Our pledge to provide the best possible service at the lowest possible cost so that all can afford to play remains our driving philosophy.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an MSF-owned and operated event need to be postponed to a later date (within 90 days of the original dates), there shall be no refund to teams that cannot play on the rescheduled date.

Prior to the beginning of tournament play, should an event have to be cancelled entirely, teams will receive a credit on the following year’s entry fee for the same event. The amount of the credit will be the original entry fee minus administrative/programming work already performed (i.e., salaries/independent contractors, website, program guides, rulebooks, promotion, flyers, postage, scheduling, rent, telephone, etc.).

Once a tournament has begun and a cancellation occurs (and the tournament cannot be rescheduled to be held within 90 days of the original tournament dates), no monetary credits will be provided to teams that did not receive the minimum number of games guaranteed unless money has been returned from the site in the form of unpaid umpire/referee fees, unused game equipment, and awards. The amount credited shall be distributed equally to teams that did not get their minimum game guarantee.

MSF membership provides you many opportunities in the softball world from umpire/coaches training to special events such as “Softball Night at the Dome” and the Girls High School All-Star Series. The Minnesota Sports Federation endeavors to provide a broad spectrum of activities.

Should you have any questions or suggestions on how we can better serve you, please do not hesitate to contact us.