Jan 9

MSF Fact Sheet


MSF is a 501c3 non-tax-supported nonprofit organization that provides amateur sports participation opportunities for adult and youth alike at the lowest possible cost. In cooperation with its member communities it conducts these events in an organized and professional manner treating the elite and recreational athlete alike.


  • MSF team membership fee is the lowest available and includes a guidebook, scorebook, rulebook, online Amateur Sports Review, website, membership card and eligibility for postseason play.
  • MSF tournament formats are more liberal (many are three game guarantee) and entry fees are lower… at least $30 lower than other organizations.
  • MSF umpire membership fee is just $50 and $40 for those umpires who already have insurance. This is $20-$30 less than what other organizations charge. MSF provides in-person training clinics and quality umpire uniforms and equipment at low cost.
  • MSF invitational tournament registration fee is just $55, $25 lower than what other organizations charge.
  • MSF reinvests in amateur sports for the benefit of their membership via the Active Rewards and Loyalty Program (ARLP). Ask for details on this membership/incentive program.
  • MSF fees collected all remain in Minnesota for the promotion of Minnesota programs. Copious amounts of money are not sent to national organizations.
  • MSF registers 90% of all softball communities in Minnesota, far higher than any other softball organization in the state.
  • MSF postseason tournaments attract a substantially larger number of teams from all corners of the state representing a much more diverse representation of communities (92 softball communities compared to competitor’s 8-12).
  • MSF conducts twice as many classes of men’s softball and four times as many classes of women’s softball than the competitor resulting in more balanced competition.
  • MSF conducts several divisions of softball the competitor does not such as church, co-rec, men’s fastpitch, men’s modified pitch, masters slowpitch and the competitor’s women’s division is nearly nonexistent.
  • MSF has four times as many state tournaments available to host than the competitor.
  • MSF playing rules and program content is determined locally from input received from players, umpires, league and tournament directors.
  • MSF has saved Minnesota amateur sports participants hundreds of thousands of dollars in lower participation fees since its inception in 1982.
  • MSF administers the Minnesota Softball Hall of Fame which includes members from your community and the eligibility to nominate future candidates.
  • MSF is making progress on a permanent home for the Softball Hall of Fame Museum.
  • MSF is a multi-sport year-round organization that benefits participants by combining several sports under one umbrella. Many participants play in more than one sport.
  • MSF staff is professionally trained in the park and recreation field and caters to the recreational player as well as the elite.
  • MSF has rules to promote safety such as the six foot step-back rule for pitchers and the 12 foot pitching arc. We use the 65’ base path to maintain the game’s recreational nature.
  • MSF league directors, team managers, players, umpires and tournament directors are all eligible to serve on the MSF board of directors
  • MSF administers the National Softball Federation which gives teams the opportunity to play in a national tournament held in the state of Minnesota for a low entry fee, and more games guaranteed. This tournament is available for Minnesota communities to host. Less than 1% of Minnesota softball teams are interested in traveling to an out of state softball tournament due to cost, time commitment and inability to compete with sandbaggers.
  • MSF softball communities that register all their teams MSF receive a $5.00 discount per team membership for all fall and winter sports teams registered in the same calendar year.
  • MSF registers more invitational tournaments than any softball organization in the state.
  • MSF does not condone unsporting conduct and has a detailed list of consequences when it occurs.
  • MSF has annual district softball meetings throughout the state for all participants in the amateur softball community to attend.
  • MSF sells softballs to softball communities at reduced prices to help keep the cost of participation down and promote the consistent use of quality softballs.
  • MSF employees are professional members of the Southern Minnesota Recreation and Park Association where they meet frequently with other park and recreation professionals.
  • MSF contractually hires a District Umpire-in-Chief for each of the state’s seven districts. DUIC’s are available for rule interpretation, umpire training, selecting postseason tournament umpires-in-chief and checking invitational tournaments.
  • MSF team and individual awards are of top quality and worthy of the championships won. All state champions also receive a banner to commemorate their accomplishment.


For 32+ years the MSF has been conducting high quality amateur sports events in cooperation with its member communities at the lowest possible cost. We thank all members for their past and continuing support and invite non-members to consider participation in our statewide programs for youth and adult alike.