Oct 5

Youth Baseball Rule Changes

The MSF conducted a survey regarding potential rule changes to make for the Youth Baseball State Tournaments and State Tournament Qualifiers. We received responses to the survey from Coaches, Team Managers, League Directors and Tournament Staff, and would like to thank those who took the survey.

Based on the feedback we received, the MSF will be moving from Innings Pitched to a Per Day and Per Tournament Pitch Count limit, effective January 1, 2019. We believe the decision to move to a pitch count (although more bookkeeping will be necessary) will protect younger arms while also requiring teams to develop pitching skills for all players. This decision will also keep things consistent with other state Baseball organizations. At the State Tournament, both teams are expected to have a volunteer to keep track of pitches during games. The per day and per tournament pitch count is listed below:

       10U: 75 pitches per day, 140 per tournament 
       11U: 85 pitches per day, 150 per tournament
       12U: 85 pitches per day, 150 per tournament 
       13U: 95 pitches per day, 160 per tournament 
       14U: 95 pitches per day, 160 per tournament 
       15U: 95 pitches per day, 160 per tournament 

For one-day tournaments, the per day count shall supersede the per tournament number.

In addition to the above rule change, we will also be changing the rules regarding curveballs at the 12U level. Effective January 1, 2019, curveballs are an illegal pitch at the 10-12U levels. 

The MSF will also be making changes to our bat standards. Based on the survey results, we believe we have found a compromise which will keep player safety at the forefront and promote greater hitting success at the younger ages while also keeping the sport cost-effective for everyone involved. We realize families, teams, and associations recently purchased new bats to be compliant with other organizations. We also realize bat rules can provide a financial burden. The MSF does not receive any money as a royalty from bat sales, and this decision was not influenced by any bat manufacturer. The changes to bat standards will NOT take place in 2019, but WILL take effect for the 2020 season.

        Effective January 1, 2020, bats which are marked with the 1.15 BPF Stamp WILL NOT be allowed at the 13U-15U age levels.  Bats used by 13-15 year olds must have the USABat stamp, BBCOR Stamp, or be a wood bat. Bats which are marked with the 1.15 BPF, USA or BBCOR Stamp (or wood bats) WILL be allowed for use at the 10U-12U age groups.

If you have questions regarding these rule changes, please contact dan@msf1.org.