Jul 7

2017 Baseball State Tournament Seeding Information

The following list of teams will not be completed until Sunday, July 9 – DO NOT rank the teams until then. Seeding/ranking is, of course, somewhat of an inexact science, as teams have not played common opponents or the same number of games. The most important outcome is that the top teams in the tournament are in different pools. PLEASE WRITE YOUR SEEDING ORDER LEGIBLY!!



Q: How soon do you need me to send back my rankings?

A: Send them to dan@msf1.org no later than Tuesday, July 11.


Q: When will the final schedules be online?

A: We will have the schedules posted by Friday, July 21, and sooner if possible!


Q: What do I do if I don’t know some of the teams in my class?

A: If you don’t know a team in your class, use their record to aid you in the rankings. If you don’t know a team and their record is not listed, you have a few options. You may choose to rank only the teams you know, rank all teams and randomize the teams you don’t know, or rank teams without a record as lower seeds. Remember, seeding is not, and never will be, a perfect process. That’s why we play the game!


10AAA Seeding Info

10AA Seeding Info

11AAA Seeding Info

11AA Seeding Info

12AAA Seeding Info

12AA Seeding Info

13AAA Seeding Info

13AA Seeding Info

14AAA Seeding Info

14AA Seeding Info

15AA Seeding Info