Apr 1

2022 Umpire Uniform

The NSF-MSF offers an umpires’ uniform program which features quality umpire equipment at low, low prices.

Look for umpire gear in the Umpire Uniform Catalog and use the Umpire Uniform Order Form to submit an order. *Important Notice* No phone orders accepted! Faxed orders with complete credit card information are acceptable. Fax 651-451-3140. Please allow 7-10 days for delivery of all orders. No order will be shipped prior to April 15 of the current year. Unused or unworn items due to wrong size or defective nature must be returned within 20 days of receipt.

Minnesota MSF Umpire Uniform

  • MSF uniforms are available through the Sports Federation Office. The regulation uniform consists of:
    • powder blue style micro-mesh polo shirt with white and navy trim. If a local officials association emblem is worn, it shall be sewn on the right sleeve of the shirt. No other emblems may be worn except those already sewn on the shirt.
    • official navy blue umpire caps with blue or red outlined MSF initials are required. Visors are not legal.
    • GRAY SLACKS or navy blue shorts (Local communities and invitational tournament directors have the option to require full-length gray slacks). Fastpitch and Modified Pitch umpires must wear full-length heather gray slacks. Slowpitch umpires working a national qualifier or post-season (district, state, or nationals) must wear heather gray slacks.
      Note: When two umpires are employed, both must be in the identical uniform.
    • when shorts are worn, white knee-high or mid-calf tube socks with three or two navy blue stripes shall also be worn. Anklet socks are also permissible when shorts are worn. Navy socks are permissible with gray slacks.
    • navy blue umpire jacket (if a jacket is worn)
    • black belt
    • navy blue or gray ball bag
    • black shoes  (NO white on shoes and NO metal cleats)
    • indicator and plate brush
    • Sunglasses may be worn provided they are not mirrored, fluorescent, or other gaudy styles